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Real Estate Development

Spanning over the past three decades, ENI has established a strong legacy in the region and continues to commit to sustaining the nation’s progress. Real estate development is at the heart of the UAE’s strategy and accordingly it occupies a significant part of ENI’s portfolio. With several key developments in prime locations across the emirates […]

Property Management

ENI offers property management and facilities management services designed to offer convenience and comfort to its tenants across its portfolio of projects. Our multi-skilled teams of professional property managers and maintenance specialists are committed to provide the best solutions to continuously offer an ideal living and working environment. We will strive to constantly deploy quality […]


As a prominent trailblazer, ENI always seeks investment opportunities that expand our expertise and contribute to the overall economic growth strategy of the national agenda. With notable stakes in the country and beyond, our collaborations with carefully selected partners enable us to leverage our collective expertise and extend our presence across various sectors. ENI always […]