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ENI employs a group of talented professionals dedicated to excellence and perfection, standing on many years of relevant experience to qualify them as leaders in their respective scopes of activity.

The management team includes world-class senior executives acquiring the necessary know-how, professionalism and integrity to allow for orchestrated performance and delivery.

ENI’s spectrum of staff is highly motivated given the excellent career prospects and continuous training, in addition to appreciating and awarding hard-work and innovative initiatives.

ENI also advocates the employment of nationals wherever it operates to ensure the acquisition of the necessary localized knowledge and culture and to support the nationalization drive.


We look for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who are determined and committed while enjoy working for a rapidly growing organization.

Providing a dynamic work environment, we are focused on ensuring the professional and personal growth of our employees.

ENI’s goal is to create a workforce of career-driven individuals, who work as team to achieve impressive milestones.

With a multicultural workforce, ENI provides a truly international work environment.

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As a customer focused organization, we look for people with a passion for delivering excellent customer service to our valued customers.