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About ENI

Emirates National Investment (ENI) is an Investment Company with a diversified portfolio that includes real estate, construction, agriculture and industry across the UAE and Middle East and Africa region.

Founded in 1982 by the late H.E. Dr. Mohammed Khalfan Bin Kherbash, ENI’s establishment coincided with the extraordinary drive for economic development, diversification and innovation that has swept through the UAE and GCC region.

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach can be best characterized as seeking value through long-term focus and commitment. Since its establishment in 1982, ENI has maintained a steady growth trajectory by developing deep insights into markets and industries and by building sustainable business models with respect for all stakeholders.

At the core of this approach lies a deep founded belief that adherence to environmental, social and governance principles bring sustainable returns while contributing to the development of the businesses and countries where we operate as well as to the UAE’s vision of diversifying its economy.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

To become the leading investment group in the region and to pioneer in the development of core activities. Setting the benchmark for corporate practices in the region through adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, innovation and integrity.

Our core values are Integrity, Innovation, Ingenuity, Quality, Delivery, National Economic Development, Best Corporate Practices.

Contributing to the UAE national agenda through expertise, market knowledge and strategic partnerships

ENI Core Values

Responsible Investing:

We aim to make the world a better place, help communities, and supporting the development plans of the countries where we operate in.


We are accountable for the choices we make and seek to align our interests with those of stakeholders including employees, customers, business partners, governments and local communities.

Innovation & Ingenuity

ENI encourages innovation and ingenuity in its corporate environment, operations and services, striving to innovate the way we do business, with the ultimate goal of providing services that exceed expectations.

Contribution to National Development Goals

Through our investment choices, we aim to contribute to the UAE’s vision to diversify its economic base by commitment to sustainable principles.


ENI is keen in building long-term partnership with industry leaders in trade and investment to further enhance international cooperation.